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Filter Press

Filter Press
Filter Press

Offering a complete tailored solution for water treatment and management, Terex Washing Systems provides a complete range of filter presses, flocculent dosing systems and thickening tanks. The filter press takes this treated sludge and dehydrates it , recovering up to 90% of the water, into dry panels of pressed sludge which can be easily handled, moved and disposed of. The filter presses use high pressure technology to ensure optimum performance and only the highest quality components are used. The system is fully automated through a dedicated Programmable Logic Control System (PLC)

Features & Benefits
  • 100% Fully Automatic
  • HPT high pressure technology to filter sludge at 20 Bar. Produces extremely dry cake
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 used on thickener silo, tank and associated components
  • Utilizing only highest quality components
  • Up to 95% recovery of water
  • Up to 80% reduction in silt handling and transport costs

Thickener Tanks

Thickener Tanks

The high performance thickener was developed to fulfill the role of a thickener/reactor as well as a clarifier. Terex Washing Systems and Matec® are the only thickener supplier, providing paste without rakes, pumps extraction, motors.

We offer the best available expertise on high performance thickeners and clarifiers.

Features & Benefits
  • Thick sludge (over 50% solids)
  • Reduced costs for concrete basement (small footprint)
  • Extra stock for sludge
  • Low operating cost with minimum flocculent consumption
  • Non moving parts
  • No extraction pump
  • No Maintenance costs
  • Combined thickening and clarification

Clarified Water Tanks

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