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Rip Rap Plant

Self Contained Vibrating Grizzly Feeder

The Terex® Simplicity TXR5624 is a self-contained portable unit designed for scalping and sizing rip rap product.

ProductWeight lbs (kg)Size inches x ft (mm x mm)Grizzly Sections ft (mm)
Simplicity TXR5624 77,000 (34925) 56 x 24 (1422x7315) Double 5 (1524)

Terex® Simplicity TXR5624 Portable Rip Rap Plant

Standard Components
  • Heavy-duty I-beam construction
  • Triple axle suspension with air brakes, twelve tires, landing jacks, jack screws
  • Fold up king pin for run position
  • Electrical panel with operator control box, e-stops and additional ports for outboard conveyors
  • 30" cross conveyor has an impact bed with sliders
  • Tier 4i-compliant Cummins 60 hp (45kW) electronic generator, fuel tank and battery box