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Cone Crushers

Terex® TC Cone Crushers

The Terex® TC Cone Crusher provides an excellent reduction and product cubicity for the production of high quality aggregate and sub-base material.

ProductWeight in lbs (kg)Capacity tph (t) @ 1.25" (32mm) CSSEngine Power hp (kW)
TC1000 22,040 (10,000) 165-200 (150-180) 230 (179)
TC1300 48,500 (22,000) 285-350 (260-320) 300 (225)
TC1500 74,075 (33,600) 480-580 (440-530) 300 (225)
Robust Construction
  • Fully automatic controls
  • Designed for the most arduous applications
Low Profile
  • Important where headroom is restricted
  • Ideally suited for mobile plant application
Advanced Hydraulics
  • Accessible external hydraulics
  • Hydraulic setting adjustment
  • Automatic hydraulic overload protection and reset
Simple Wear Part Change
  • Designed for fast changeover
  • Keeps downtime to a minimum
  • Readily accessible from above machine - no need to remove cone head
  • Unrestricted feed opening reduces blockages and bridging, and increases output
Balanced Design
  • Reduces vibration
Advanced Bearing Arrangement
  • High-capacity taper and cylindrical roller bearings
  • Long trouble free service
  • Low friction characteristics compared with "old fashioned" plain bearings
Proven Sealing Arrangement
  • Utilizes rotary seal ring, piston rings and double row labyrinth seals
Overload Protection
  • Hydraulic relief system with automatic reset
Setting Adjustment / Unblocking Facility
  • Push button controlled hydraulic cylinders raise and lower the upper frame assembly to adjust the crusher setting and to unblock the crushing chamber

Terex® Cedarapids RC Series Cone Crushers


The Terex® Cedarapids RC Series cone crushers feature advanced crushing chamber technology that yields impressive capacities, fine output gradations and a highly cubical product. With improved crushing capabilities, the Rollercone® roller bearing design is able to produce larger outputs than conventional cone crushers. Couple the advanced chamber technology of the RC Series with interchangeable liner configurations for fine or coarse crushing and you have highly efficient, extremely versatile cone crushers.

ProductWeight in lbs (kg)Capacity tph (t) @ 1.25" (32mm) CSSEngine Power hp (kW)
RC45-III Rollercone 32,000 (14,500) 220-320 (200-290) 200 (149)
RC54-II Rollercone 42,500 (19,278) 280-385 (254-350) 300 (224)
  • All roller bearing construction
  • Direct-gear-drive lubrication oil pump with safety switch and warning horn
  • Hydraulic setting adjustment
  • Pre-start lubrication pump
  • Oil flow meter
  • V-belt drive
  • Alloy steel pinion shaft and gear set
  • Bolt-on counterweights provide balance
  • Hydro-pneumatic tramp iron relief system with pump
  • Self-contained oil reservoir
  • Interchangeable between standard and fine crushing chambers
  • Patented replaceable vee-seat inserts
  • Replaceable strut guards
  • Spiral bevel ring and pinion gears
  • All roller bearing construction
  • Wide unobstructed discharge
  • Alloy steel pinion shaft and gear set
  • Close running deep tapered grooved labyrinth seals
  • Cone manganese easily replaced without removing cone
  • Large unobstructed feed opening
  • Bolt-on counterweights eliminate shaking
  • Hydro-pneumatic tramp iron relief system with pump
  • Long-traveling relief cylinders
  • Easily removable top or bonnet assembly intact
  • Bowl manganese replaceable without dismantling tramp iron relief system
  • Vee-seat assembly not integral part of base frame
  • Crusher sheave
  • Quick hydraulic shim adjustment
  • Self-contained oil reservoir
  • Electric lubrication pump
  • Immersion oil heater with thermostat
  • Visual indicator on oil filter and flow switch

Terex® Cedarapids MVP Cone Crushers

MVP cone crushers simply pulverize everything that stands in the way of success. Inside and out, the advanced engineering of the MVP sets industry benchmarks, featuring a patented Rollercone® roller bearing design and the hydro-pneumatic tramp iron relief system that revolutionized the industry. The complete MVP line includes four different models in stationary or portable configurations, from 200 to 500 horsepower, processing up to 800 TPH and capable of handling sand and gravel, shot rock and recycled materials. Each machine offers you an array of competitive advantagesâ€"from improved product quality to high throughput capacities to low operational costs. Terex® Cedarapids MVPsâ€"the leading force in compression crushers.

ProductWeight in lbs (kg)Capacity tph (t) @ 1.25" (32mm) CSSEngine Power hp (kW)
MVP280 Rollercone 36,500 (16,556) 260-335 (236-305) 200 (149)
MVP380X Rollercone 43,130 (19,563) 295-380 (268-345) 300 (224)
MVP450X Rollercone 52,600 (23,828) 355-450 (321-408) 400 (298)
MVP550 Rollercone 68,000 (30,844) 450-565 (410-514) 500 (373)
MVP280 & MVP550
  • Manual Hydraulic Adjustment System (Man-in-the-loop) with control buttons on door
  • Hydraulic powered threaded upper assembly for quick crusher setting adjustment under load
  • Hydro-pneumatic tramp iron relief system
  • ElJay® Rollercone® roller bearing design
  • Heavy-duty, one-piece, cast base frame
  • Numerous crushing chamber configurations
  • Lubrication oil flow safety switch and warning horn
  • Non-ferrous V-seat wear liners
  • Crusher hopper
MVP380X & MVP450X
  • Manual RLC (Relay Logic Control) push-button control panel with 10' (3m) tether
  • Fully guided dual action tramp relief cylinders
  • Hydraulic powered threaded upper assembly for quick crusher setting adjustment under load
  • Hydro-pneumatic tramp iron relief system
  • Pinned cylinder ends for easy cone separation
  • Counter-weight protection shield
  • ElJay® Rollercone® roller bearing construction for high efficiency
  • Computer optimized, high endurance, all-cast construction
  • Automatic oil circulation system assists cold weather start-ups

Terex® Jaques SG Cone Crusher

Increased capacity, power and wear adjustment is what Terex® Jaques SG 1200 Secondary Gyratory Crushers deliver. The SG 1200 features tramp iron release via relief value, a large stroke, a spherical plain spider bearing, a constant feed opening crushing chamber and a large product discharge area.

At These SettingsWeight in lbs (kg)Capacity tph (t)Engine Power hp (kW)
1-1/4" (32mm) Stroke
2-1/8" (54mm) CSS
61,730 (28,000) 507 (460) 300 (220)
1-5/8" (42mm) Stroke
1-1/2 (64mm) CSS
61,730 (28,000) 639 (580) 350 (250)
Power capacity 350 hp (250kW)
  • High throughput capability
Field adjustable crushing stroke
  • Adjust to suit operating throughput
Constant feed opening crushing chamber
  • Improved life and efficiency
Concave retained within top shell totally independent of the bottom shell
  • Concave can be installed in the top shell remotely from the machine, improving ease of maintenance
Increased bottom shell product discharge area
  • Improved product discharge and increased capacity
Spherical plain spider bearing
  • Longer bearing life, minimizes stroke loss caused by bearing wear. Extended life of eccentric and bushings due to improved alignment
Hydraulically assisted upper concave removal (optional)
  • Ease of maintenance
Advanced Automation System
  • Full automation available with the Terex Jaques Crusher Management System

Terex® Jaques Gyracone Crushers

The Terex® Jaques Gyracone range of cone crushers are robust and well proven machines suitable for secondary, tertiary, quaternary or scats crushing applications.

The Gyracone combines the cone crushing principle with the benefits of high speed anti-friction roller bearings. The maximum working loads are well below the design capacities of the bearings utilized. This ensures a long, trouble-free working life offering operators efficient power use for low operating cost. All models feature 'push button' hydraulic adjustment, hydraulic air cooled lubrication/hydraulic power pack, single accumulator hydraulic tramp iron relief and CSS indicator system.

ProductWeight in lbs (kg)Capacity tph (t)Motor Power hp (kW)
J-35 23,570 (10,690) 72 â€" 220 (65-200) 200 (150)
J-50 60,630 (27,500) 154 â€" 562 (140-510) 350 (260)
J-65 105,820 (48,000) 309 â€" 761 (280-690) 450 (335)
Standard Features
  • Low maintenance, heavy duty design provides a long, trouble free life
  • Adjustable crushing stroke
  • High speed and low power consumption due to roller bearings throughout
  • Hydraulically supported main shaft
  • Steep angle crushing chamber results in well-shaped, uniform product
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • High production and mechanical protection through optional crusher management system
  • Cartridge type countershaft assembly is removable without dismantling the crusher
  • Automatic lubrication system with external air cooled unit
  • Dual Tramp iron release via accumulator and relief value